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Coast 101.1 Break The Bank Rules And Regulations 2015

Coast 101.1 Break The Bank Rules And Regulations 2015

--Coast 101.1 contests are open to individuals that hold permanent residence in the province of Newfoundland And Labrador and are within the terrestrial broadcast contour of CKSJ-FM at 101.1 MHz.
--Those ineligible are:
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd. employees, those having left the employment of Coast Broadcasting Ltd within the past 2 years from the date of the contest period closing, persons that reside in the same household as Coast Broadcasting Ltd. Employees and former employees, and immediate family members of Coast Broadcasting Ltd. Employees and former employees.
-Coast Prize Sponsors for the contest, sponsor employees, persons that reside in the same household as Coast Prize Sponsor employees and immediate family members of Coast Prize sponsor employees.
-Individuals that reside outside of the CKSJ-FM terrestrial broadcast contour (ie. Those listening from a geographical distance through internet streaming).
-Those having previously participated in the Break The Bank Contest between March 2, 2015 and April 30, 2015.  Only one Break The Bank contest play per person if a prize is won or not.
-Contest participants must be 14 years of age or older.
-Prizes won by minors may be required to be distributed to a legal guardian as/if required by law.

Contest Period:
--Contest is open from March 2, 2015 to April 3, 2015 OR at a time when the available prizes have been exhausted
--Contest will air 3 times per day Monday Friday at 7:20am, 12:20pm, and 4:20pm Newfoundland Time AND/OR subsequent times broadcast on Coast 101.1.

Contest Participation:
--Those that choose to participate in a Coast contest will participate in a live or taped to live contest play via telephone at a time broadcast on Coast 101.1.  No purchase is necessary
--An eligible contest participant is randomly selected in the method described for that contest occasion
--Should a be caller # contest be played, the selection of the participant is to be considered a random selection of those that choose to phone.  There is no skill required.
--When prompted over the air to do so, the participant must personally place the phone call to 754-1011, proxy will not be accepted and any misrepresentation will violate the participants eligibility.
-Consideration will be given to a participants use of a proxy sitting directly with the participant in the case of a participant being unable to respond verbally due to a physical impediment.
--Having successfully been chosen for participation, the contest participant will be asked reveal prizes that are contained behind virtual vault doors.  The participant can continue to open vaults to reveal prizes until they reach the vault alarm.  If the participant chooses to stop selecting vaults with a prize revealed, the participant becomes eligible to win that prize and the selection process ends. If the participant reveals the vault alarm at anytime during vault selection, the participant will lose any prize revealed and the selection process ends.

--Contest participants will be eligible to win the prize specified behind the last vault revealed before choosing to stop
--The maximum cash prize for an individual winner will be $10,000
--A maximum of $25,000 in cash prizes will be available during the contest period.  Coast Broadcasting Ltd reserves the right to discontinue the contest when, or before, the maximum cash prize amount is reached
--A skill testing question will be posed where required by law

Other Items:
--Coast Contest participants agree to the following:
-An understanding that they are participating in a radio contest which will involve their verbal responses broadcast over public airwaves
-Their name, general area of residence, voice (recorded or live), and likeness may be used by Coast Broadcasting Ltd and Coast Contest Sponsors in promotional material surrounding the contest
-All prizes are to be accepted as awarded and are not transferable without the express permission of Coast Broadcasting Ltd and/or Coast Contest Sponsors
-Coast Broadcasting Ltd is not responsible for technical errors during the execution of a Coast Contest
-Any restitution due to a technical error is at the sole discretion of Coast Broadcasting Ltd and Coast Break The Bank Sponsors