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May 25 - May 25
Blues, Brews and BBQ
Contact: Shrine Club
Rotary St. Johns After Hours is hosting our 2nd annual Blues, Brews and BBQ event. Enjoy craft beer tasting, delicious bbq (vegetarian option available) and great live music featuring Dennis Parker and John Clarke, Terry Rielly and the Black Sheep at the Shrine Club May 25th.   Live music, hard to get auction items, and a 50-50 draw.
Tickets are only $50.  All proceeds go to supporting local charities.  
To get your tickets to Blues, Brews and BBQ you can email
Steve Perry
Oh Sherrie
Dr. Hook
The Cover Of The Rolling Stone
Tom Cochrane
Human Race
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Friday, May 18th, 2019

It's a PD Day today (May 17th) at the following schools;

Brother Rice Junior High
Cowan Heights Elementary
East Point Elementary
Frank Roberts Junior High
Laval High School
MacDonlad Drive Junior High
St. Andrews Elementary
St. Annes Academy
St. Kevin's High School
St. Kevins Junior High
Villanova Junior High

No class today (May 17th) for kindergarten students at St. Mary's Elementary due to Kinderstart.

Gonzaga High is looking for parent volunteer for next weeks 2019 Safe Grad. Please contact the school if you can help.

Beaconsfield Junior High will be doing an entire school full-day science field trip today (May 17th) to various locations.

Brother Rice Junior High Grade 8 students will take part in a Grade 9 Orientation at Holy Heart on Monday, May 27th, from 9:00am-11:00am. Students will be returning to class after the orientation.

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