Coast Local Headlines
June 11
RNC Investigating Forcible Luring
By Carolyn Moore
RNC investigating an incident in the center of the city where a man attempted to force a woman into his vehicle. The suspect is described as a tall, skinny black man and was driving a small red sedan.  Police are also investigating two additional incidents involving a man matching this description. A man in a similar vehicle approached a female attempting to lure her in the east end of St. Johns. And in another case a man made comments attempting to lure two youths toward him downtown.  RNC are attempting to establish any connection between the incident and ask anyone with information to contact them
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Friday June 11th, 2021

Todays (June 11th) Elementary Sports Day at Rennies River Elementary is postponed due to the weather.

Upper Gullies Elem. Kindergarten Sports Day is cancelled for today (June 10th). They will try again Monday (June 14th).

It's Pride Day today (June 11th) at Bishop Feild School, students are asked to wear a rainbow of colours.

Waterford Valley High grade 12s have until June 18th to return their Chromebooks.
Macdonald Drive Junior Highs annual Spring Concert will take place on Wednesday, June 16th, at 7:00 pm in Google Meet. Please RSVP using the link found on the schools website.

Leary's Brook Jr High will be celebrating PRIDE Week next week! Students can order their Pride shirts today (June 11th).

St Paul Junior High students are reminded that all work for the school year has to be submitted today (June 11th).

Holy Heart of Mary students who would like to make changes to their course requests, have until June 24th.

Gonzaga Highs deadline to order yearbooks is June 25th.

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